ideas to increase website traffic

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Ideas to increase Website Traffic

101 ways which help you to get more traffic website using social media .
11. Drive Traffic To Your Website By Offering A Free Gift
Giving away something for free will help drive tailored traffic for your business.
12. Create An App To Drive Traffic
Build a free app to boos traffic to your website. Majority of people use mobile phones than computers this is the reason why is a better way to boost traffic. Here are 4 websites that provide free services to built an app.
Intro Wizard
Apps Makerstore
Med Imobile
Apps Me
13. Ping Your Site
Increase website traffic simply by pinging. Make sure to use one ping service as a time to avoid been penalized by Google. Here are some of my favorite ping sites.
Google Ping
Ping O Matic
Bulk Ping
Pig Farm
Feed Shark
Ping My Blog
Ping That Blog
14. Twitter
Twitter is one of the latest and greatest social media platforms.
15. Ebay
Ebay has over 60 million active users. Create a free Ebay account and make sure to fill out your about me page. The about me page should include your website address. Majority of customers will view your about me page before buying a product from you. By placing an website address in your Ebay about me page will increase your traffic site.
16. Classified Ads
You can use classified ads to drive means of advertising directly to your website. I have enlisted some of my favorite ads sites.
17. Blog Directories
Blog directories is a great way to gain more exposures and increase targeted traffic. I have composed a list of my favorite blog directories.
Eation Web Blog Directory
On Top List
Blog Search Engine
Blog Universe
Globe of Blogs
Blog Universe
Spill Bean
Blogging Fussion
Blog Flex
Blog Listing
Blog Digger
18. Google Indexed
Google webmaster tools send spiders to crawl the web and find sites to index. Google webmaster tool will increase your visibility by submitting and optimizing your website.
19. Create A Newsletter
Creating a newsletter and adding links is an effective way to drive traffic to the website. I have compose some sites where you can create a newsletter.
Carbon Graffiti
Campaign Monitor
Buy Templates
Fresh Templates
Stock Layouts
Microsoft Word Templates
20. Google PPC
Google Pay Per Click is a great way to buy and drive traffic to your websites.

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