ideas to increase website traffic

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Ideas to increase Website Traffic

101 ways which help you to get more traffic website using social media .
41. Carnival Blog
Submit an article to Carnival Blog. The Carnival Blog are always looking for great blog articles.
42. Sitemap
Sitemap helps search engines better crawl and categorize your site. You can easily create and verify a site map at
43. Search Engine Submissions
Submit your site to search engines. Improve your sites visibility in Google search results. I highly recommend manually submitting your website pages to the search engines. I have composed a list of search engines.
Alta Vista
Alexa Internet
44. Affiliate Marketing
Create an Affiliate Marketing program and pay others to promote your services.
45. Promotional Items
Anything you give out promotional should have a log and URL emblazoned on them. For example, the pen you give out should include a link to your website.
46. Facebook
Drive more traffic using Facebook. Make sure to post relevant information about your niche to your Facebook page. The biggest mistake you can make is to always add spammy links.
47. Write Killer Headlines
The most important part of your writing is the headline. Writing killer headlines will make your audience click.
48. Hot Topics
Another approach in driving tons of traffic is writing about the latest trends.
49. Keyword
Keywords are the most important SEO element for every search engine. I have enlisted some of my favorite tools for Keyword Search.
Keyword Extreme
Google Keyword Tool
SEM Winner Tool
Keyword Scout
Google Trends
Google Insights
URL Keywords
Google Adwords
50. Brand Your URL
URL plates for your car is a great innovative ways of generating traffic to your website. Everyday hundreds of car pass you while driving, stuck in traffic, and so on.

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