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Indira Emerges Once More

Indira Gandhi

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Indira Emerges Once More

By 1980, the people of India had had enough of the ineffectual Janata Party. They reelected Indira Gandhis Congress Party under the slogan of stability. Indira took power again for her fourth term as prime minister. However, her triumph was dampened by the death of her son Sanjay, the heir apparent, in a plane crash in June of that year.By 1982, rumblings of discontent and even outright secessionism were breaking out all over India. In Andhra Pradesh, on the central east coast, the Telangana region (comprising the inland 40%) wanted to break away from the rest of the state. Trouble also flared in the ever volatile Jammu and Kashmir region in the north. The most serious threat, though, came from Sikh secessionists in the Punjab, led by Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

Indian independence
End of her career
Authoritarian Leanings and Imprisonment
Operation Bluestar at the Golden Temple
Aftermath and Assassination
Second Term as Prime Minister
A government divided
Indira Gandhis Legacy
Early Political Career
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