indoor plants

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Indoor Plants

11. Heart Leaf Philodendron
This is a trailing indoor house plant that loves to make its way down from mantles or bookshelves. Its perky, dark green leaves come to a heart shape where they meet the stems.

This may be the quintessential easy indoor plant. It thrives in a range of lighting conditions from low to sunny, preferring indirect light. It does well anywhere close to standard room temperature. Let the surface of the soil dry between watering; it should not be constantly wet.
12. Peperomia
This category of plants supports a whole array of small indoor house plants with great textured, shiny, often colorful leaves. Some popular and attractive; easy-to-manage indoor varieties include watermelon, red-edge, and ripple peperomias.

Without a doubt, peperomia care is very easy. Peperomias can live in a variety of light situations from low to very bright. They are slow growers and you'll probably re-pot them only once or twice in their lifetime. Prefer a peat-based soil or regular potting soil with good drainage.
13. Shamrock Plant
This jaunty indoor house plant acts as a good filler to room corner with its bright green leaves that look like shamrocks, plus sweet white flowers on tall stems.

This house plant loves bright but indirect or filtered light. Allow the soil to dry out a bit between watering thoroughly about once per week. Shamrock plants prefer to have their soil somewhat moist at all times.
14. Fiddle Leaf Fig
This small lovely tree (actually a species of ficus) has large, dark-green leaves that seem to form the vague outline of a fiddle or violin -- that's how it gets its name.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig prefers moderate to bright light. If it is not receiving enough light, the plant will appear to be reaching as well as new growth will be limited or smaller than older growth. This houseplant requires moderate to low amounts of water. They tend to prefer to dry slightly in-between watering. This houseplant is semi temperamental to temperature. Normal indoor temperatures are fine, however do keep it away from drafts or heat sources.
15. Areca Palm
If you're dreaming of tropical climates, this pretty indoor house palm is a great inspiration. It can grows to about 7 feet for a dramatic touch in a room, or just trying to conjure the look in your home decor. But, a smaller pot will keep it contained if you'd like it to stay smaller.

The areca palm does well in indirect light. It is best to have the plant near a Southern or Western facing window.Keep the soil somewhat dry, only watering on alternate weeks or so. pour the water in slowly. Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations.
16. Anthurium
This plant is also known as the flamingo flower. The colorful nature of the flamingo flower has made it a popular houseplant. The flower grows in the form of a long, sometimes curly, spike. When cared for properly, flamingo flowers can provide a colorful touch to any home.

Perlite, pine bark or gravel may be mixed with the peat moss to provide additional aeration. Water flamingo flowers thoroughly with warm water and allow soil to dry slightly between watering. Anthuriums prefer bright, indirect sunlight. Anthurium is poisonous if ingested, so keep it out of reach of children or pets. It may also cause skin irritation, so consider wearing gloves while potting.
17. African Violet
African violets are among the easiest to grow flowering houseplants and they bloom throught-out the year with little effort. Choose from hundreds of varieties and forms, some with variegated foliage or ruffled or white-edged blooms. They're also really versatile, blooming in almost every color to match your decor.

African violet likes warm conditions and filtered sunlight. Avoid getting water on the fuzzy leaves; cold water causes unsightly brown spots. Growing Conditions: Medium to bright light; 65-75 degrees F.; keep soil evenly moist.
18. Zebra plant
This zebra houseplant is known for its large shiny leaves and dark green foliage deeply veined in white or yellow, reminiscent of zebra stripes. Their brightly colored flowers and bracts make for a prized display. They're usually pretty small at the time of purchase and many indoor gardeners consider them a short lived friend.

Because they are tropical, zebra plants prefer warm climates and will do well in average household temperatures around 70F (20C) and around 60F (15C) at night if they are kept out of drafts. They do need high humidity. Setting their pot on a tray filled with pebbles and water or regular misting should be an integral part of how to care for a zebra plant. Don't let the soil completely dry out, but water a little less frequently.
19. Bromeliad
A bromeliad is a spectacular plant that blooms for 6-12 weeks depending upon temperature and light conditions. It needs little attention and is ideal for homes, businesses, and restaurants; serving as a beautiful alternative for costly cut flower arrangements

Broad-leafed varieties may burn when placed in direct sunlight. A window with southern exposure is usually ideal all year. Fertilizing is not required in the home. Keep the soil evenly moist, but do not over-water or allow the plant roots to stand in water.
20. Lady palm
Lady palms are very adaptive thus their popularity as a houseplant. Lady palms foliage is characterized by thick green leaves with blunt tips radiating from the center of a stem. Picture your hand with your fingers spread out. The stems are covered with a brown fiber. Lady palms as a houseplant are slow growers. Outdoor varieties grow at a much faster rate.

Lady palms prefer bright, indirect light so keep within 3 to 5 feet of a window. Lady palms prefer to dry out in-between watering. Use un-treated water containing no fluorides or chlorine. If the tips of the leaves brown, the water may not be pure enough or you may be over fertilizing the plant. You can trim the brown tips off, just keep the leaves same shape when doing so.

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