innovative products ideas

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Adjustable electricity extension board

Innovative Products Ideas

Innovative Products Ideas
Adjustable electricity extension board

Electricity extension board with flexible plug points so that one can put any type of electric plugs wherever space is available. Tenith needed a good number of electricity plug points to run various devices at a time while pursuing various experiments. Using many extension cords/power strips was cumbersome, thus the idea. He is an avid computer buff and has two Guinness World record attempts to his credit viz. most software and games created at youngest age (8 games and 5 software at the age of 12 years) and world s longest running computer program (Power mind, which can run for 570 years, written at the age of 13 years). His hobbies are collection of coins, antique, currency notes and rear pets. He has over 5000 coins and 250 currency notes. He also claims to be a bird tamer and enthusiastically participates in science expo, chess tournaments, essay competitions, debates, painting and drawing competitions etc.

Adjustable electricity extension board
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