jawaharlal nehru

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Nehru as PM

Jawaharlal Nehru

Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India .
Nehru as PM

Fifteen years after the Guwahati Session, on 15 August, 1947, the congress succeeded to overthrow the influential British Empire. Nehru was recognized as the first Prime Minister of independent India. He was the first PM to hoist the national flag and make a speech from the ramparts of Lal Quila (Red Fort). The time had come to implement his ideas and construct a healthy nation.Following Gandhis assassination in 1948, Jawaharlal Nehru felt very much alone. All the time he would contemplate over the issues pertaining to the economic sector of the country. In the year 1949, Jawaharlal Nehru made his first visit to the United States, seeking a solution to Indias urgent food shortage. In 1951, Jawaharlal Nehru launched the countrys First FiveYear Plan emphasizing on the increase in the agricultural output.

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Nehru as PM
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