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The Whole Country is Red
Issued in 1968, the stamp is true to its name. Holding the "Selected works of Mao" the stamp featured a picture of a worker, a farmer and a soldier with a red map of China in the background imprinted with the golden words "The Whole Country is Red". The stamp had an error as the map of China was drawn incorrectly. As a result, all Chinese post offices had to stop selling the stamp. The face value of the stamp is 8 fen (1 US cent).

Estimated Price : $474,197

Red Revenue Small One Dollar Surcharge
The Red Maiden in the Green Robe
Inverted Head Four Annas
Scinde Dawk
Basel Dove
Olive colored Queen Victoria's Head
Canada's 12 Pence Black
India 10 Rupees Mahatma Gandhi

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