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Small Tie Knot

Know Tie Knots

Now try these various tie knots in just a few minutes with easy to follow steps.
Small Tie Knot

An everyday basic knot which is highly simple and ideal for buttoned collars and very wide ties. Its great advantage is its use with heavy fabrics and/or with close-cut collars. Do not use it on collars that are long or wide-spaced. Before you tie the knot, put the tie in place around your neck, then twist the wide end 180?. To avoid doing the twist you can simply place your tie around your neck back to front.

Half Windsor Tie Knot
Ediety Tie Knot
Bow Tie Knot
Unique and Sophisticated Fold
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Simple Tie Knot
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Small Tie Knot
Atlantic Tie Knot
Balthus Tie Knot
Windsor Tie Knot
Classic Pocket Fold
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