makeover tips for eyes

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Vintage and Retro Eye Makeup

Makeover Tips For Eyes

Eye Makeup Tips for your eye makeup skills with these easy tips and tricks.
Vintage and Retro Eye Makeup

Many gorgeous eye makeup looks from the past have come into vogue once again. Popular styles include the following:
1920s: Line both top and bottom of eye lids with thick, black liner. Cover the entire eyelid with a shadow in dark gray, green or turquoise.
1930s: The deep set eye look was in, so use dark shadow along the crease of the upper eyelid for this effect. Top with blue, green, or violet shadow, medium black liner, and mascara or false eyelashes.
1950s and 60s: Use liquid liner in a thick, bold line across the top lid and two coats of mascara for a simple 50s eye style. Another popular style was the cat eye makeup look with winged liner and a blue, grey, or turquoise shadow.
1970s: Darker eyes were out and lighter eye makeup or bare natural eyes were in. Try light pastel shadows, pale blue, or silvery liner and light mascara for this style.
1980s: Lots of blue eye shadow and colored mascara were staples of the 80s. Goth and punk styles with heavy, exaggerated makeup on the eyes also became popular during this era.
990s and beyond: The looks of the nineties reflected a focus on the individual that extended to makeup. The overdone looks of the 80s gave way to more subdued looks.

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