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Early Life and Education

Marrie Curie

Marie Skodowska-Curie actions are European research grants for scientists in Europe and abroad.
Early Life and Education

Maria Salomea Sklodowska was born in Warsaw, Poland on November 7, 1867. At that time, Warsaw lay within the borders of the Russian Empire. Marias family wanted Poland to be an independent country.We shall refer to Maria from now on as Marie Curie her name after marriage because that is how she is best known.Marie Curies mother and father Bronislawa and Wladyslaw were both teachers and encouraged her interest in science.When Marie was aged 10, her mother died and she started attending a boarding school. She then moved to a gymnasium a selective school for children who were strong academically. Aged 15, Marie graduated from her high school with a gold medal as top student and a burning interest in science.

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Scientific Discoveries
Nobel Prize for Chemistry
Later years
Two Polish Girls in Paris
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Early Life and Education
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