most expensive games ever made

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Star Wars The Old Republic

Most Expensive Games Ever Made

Most Expensive Games Ever Made
Star Wars The Old Republic

Its said that the BioWares development of their MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic started six years before the game finally released. In 2009 BioWare claimed that their project had more story content than all of their other games combined which is why they had a full time writing staff writing the script in lower of full two years before the gameplay development began. During its release in 2011 it was said to be the most expensive game ever. The cost of making it is said to be around 150 200 Million USD. It eventually became the most rapidly growing Massively Multiplayer Online game ever.

Star Wars The Old Republic
Grand Theft Auto IV
Pokemon Red Blue
Shenmue II
Max Payne 3
Watch Dogs
Red Dead Redemption
Star Citizen
Too Humans
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