most powerful weapons in history

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Advanced Heavy Machine Gun

Most Powerful Weapons In History

Many interesting weapons came out of ancient India, but among the most dangerous was the haladie.
Advanced Heavy Machine Gun

This is the kind of machine gun (XM307 ACSW) that gets a lot of damage done. It has the ability to be mounted on a vehicle and has two usable guns. It can obliterate helicopters, vehicles, water crafts and people (of course). The machine gun is also able to fire at a constant rate of 260 rounds in a minute. In other words

Maxim Machine Gun
Monster Mortar
Fat Man and Little Boy
P 800 Onyx
Lockheed AC130 Spectre Gunship
RPG 71
B41 MK 41
The Trident II D5 SLBM
DSR50 Sniper Rifle
Chimera Viruses
MOAB GBU 43 B Massive Ordinance
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