most sinister childhood villains of all time

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Count Orlok Nosferatu

Most Sinister Childhood Villains Of All Time

From Captain Hook to the Grinch, these are the most sinister childhood villains of all time.
Count Orlok Nosferatu

Max Schrecks iconic performance in the silent classic has been imitated countless times in the 90 plus years since its release but not even Klaus Kinski (who played Count Dracula in Werner Herzogs stylised remake) matches the fright of Schreck. Everything from the shape of his face to his eyes makes him an almighty fright that has gone underappreciated in the modern era of cinema. Schrecks performance as the infamous vampire is a triumphant masterclass in horror and its all done without saying a word.

Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge
Miss Hannigan
Count Orlok Nosferatu
Roy Batty Blade Runner
Angelica Pickles
Miss Trunchbull
Chucky Childs Play
Lord Voldemort
Cruella de Vil
The Big Bad Wolf
The Grinch
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