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Alexis Arguello

Most Stylish Athletes

sports they say records are meant to be broken but style is forever. These are the most stylish athl
Alexis Arguello

El Flaco Explosivo The Explosive Thin Man was the picture of elegance both in and out of the boxing ring, dispatching opponents with an the temperament of a duelist. A tall, angular Nicaraguan, Arguello draped himself in the finest suits, styled his hair like a matinee idol and sported a brushy moustache that reminded no one of 70s porn. He was poised to run for mayor of Managua when he died in 2009, which shows how far fashion can take you.

Derek Jeter
Matt Kemp
Tomas Berdych
George Best
Amare Stoudemire
Victor Cruz
Lebron James
Andy Murray
Patrick Sharp
Henrik Lundqvist
Tom Brady
Didier Drogba
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