myth about acne

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Acne is Just Acne

Myth about Acne

Acne is an infection of the skin, caused by changes in the sebaceous glands.
Acne is Just Acne

Although acne is a common skin condition, it can have serious consequences when it comes to self esteem. Some people with acne are known to suffer from social, emotional and physical trauma, with some that go into depression. It s best not treat acne lightly and to seek treatment early. There are over the counter acne solutions that can treat mild to moderate cases, and for severe acne, a dermatologist may be able to help.

Acne is just a cosmetic disease
Iodine Causes Acne
You can clean up a pimple by scrubbing at it
Popping pimples is the best way to get rid of them
Acne is caused by diet
Acne is caused by sweets and french fries
You should let acne run its course
Drinking plenty of water will cure acne
Acne Does Not Need Medical Help
People with dry non oily skin don t get acne
Acne is curable
Popping Pimples And Zits Makes Acne Go Away Faster
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