myth about anger

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A person s anger is caused by others

Myth about Anger

myths about anger Before you can change the way you think about anger, and the way you act.
A person s anger is caused by others

Anger experts say that they consistently notice that angry clients come into therapy with one or more reasons to explain and justify why they are so angry.As soon as you decide that someone else is responsible for your hurt or physical tension, the focus shifts from you to them. You can then feel justified in releasing your pain and hurt with anger directed toward those you believe to be responsible for it.Anger is triggered by people and events outside your control. However, how you react to your anger thoughts and feelings is up to you shifting the blame to others, you rob yourself of the opportunity to make changes in your behavior

Anger problems is often thought to be genetically inherited
Anger and aggression are natural for humans
Conflict frustration and anger cause violence
Anger slowly decreases with age
Isolated occurrence due to anger or stress
Frustration always leads to aggression
Anger results from human conflict
Domestic violence happens only in low income families
Anger is good
Anger management programs are briefer
Anger is all in the mind
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