Oldest People To Accomplish Amazing Feats
age is just a number and the 25 oldest people to accomplish amazing feats show us its true!. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Oldest Woman to Give Birth To Twin
Having children has been described as one of the ultimate blessings by some. As such, many women dream with having children but for a multitude of reason are not able to. Carmela Bousada falls into this group. At age 67 Carmela dreamed of having children of her own, so she went to Californias Pacific Fertility Center where she went through the in vitro fertilization procedure which resulted in a pair of healthy twin boys (Christian and Pau). This sparked huge controversy and criticism over the right age of pregnancy and Carmelas disregard for the emotional and paternal needs of the newborns. Sadly, Carmela died at the age of 69, two years after giving birth to the twins.

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