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Places to Visit in Brussels, Belgium
Royal Museums of Fine Arts of
Considered one of Brussels greatest museums, it houses an extensive collection of works from the Flemish School, featuring a number of masterpieces by Peter Bruegel.Brussels hosts over 80 museums. Dealing with art, history, literature, folklore, sciences, technology, industry and many other fields, they all introduce a different aspect of Brussels. The richness of their collections and the new vision they have on cultures from all around the world are simply amazing.In the building of the Royal Museums for Fine Arts of Belgium, visitors will be able to discover the world largest collection of Rene Magritte works. The collection is a perfect proof of Rene Magritte oeuvre and covers all the periods from his life. The works on display, among which his most important masterpieces, are mainly from the legacies of IrA ne Scutenaire Hamoir and Georgette Magritte and from purchases made by the Royal Museums for Fine Arts of Belgium, completed with works on loan from private persons.

Cantillon brewery
Hotel Solvay
Ancienne Belgique
Academy Palace
Egmont Palace
Musical Instrument Museum
Ixelles Cemetery

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