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Places to Visit in Punjab, India
Moorish Mosque
The Moorish Mosque, located in Kapurthala, was built by a French architect, Monsieur M Manteaux. Its construction was commissioned in 1917 by the last ruler of Kapurthala, Maharajah Jagatjit Singh and it took around 13 years to complete the construction.It was inaugurated on 14th March, 1930 by the Maharaja, who was accompanied by His Highness the Nawab Sadiq Mohd. Khan Bahadur, the ruler of Bahawalpur State.

Drawing inspiration from the Qutbya Mosque in Morocco, it is a masterpiece of Moorish style architecture. The inner dome of the mosque is decorated by works of artists of the Mayo School of Art, Lahore.The mosque is considered as a National Monument by the Archaeological Survey of India. A wooden model of this mosque can be seen at the entrance of the Lahore Museum.

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Moorish Mosque
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