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Places to Visit in Uttar Pradesh, India
British Residency
The Residency was constructed to serve as the residence of the British Resident General who was a representative in the court of Nawab. A group of buildings that were built in 1800 AD by the then Nawab of Awadh, Nawab Saadat Ali Khan, it became famous during the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny. In early June that year, mutineers laid siege on the edifice.

The British Residency of Lucknow is a famous historical landmark of this place. The British Residency was the place that served as a refuge for approximately 3000 British inhabitants during the time of the uprising of 1857. Lucknow was center of all British activities during the siege and the Residency became the monopolistic center of the British for almost 90 days.

The Residency still has within its walls, the graves of around 2000 British soldiers who died in the Revolt of 1857. The people of Lucknow tell intriguing stories of British who fled from their homes to seek shelter in these red buildings. Only a 1000 inhabitant survived this tough ordeal. On November 17th, the British troops led by Sir Colin Campbell defeated the Indian forces. Though they triumphed, it was victory in the true sense.

Today, the British Residency of Lucknow serves as a government office. The Residency also has a museum that is well-maintained by the authorities. One also finds the tombs Sadat Ali Khan, who was the first Nawab of Awadh, Kaisarbagh Palace and an observatory built for Colonel Wilcox, who was a British astronomer.

Sikander Bagh
Dilkusha Kothi
Chattar Manzil (Umbrella Palace)
Chota Imambara
Lucknow Zoo
1857 Memorial Museum

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