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Places to Visit in Uttar Pradesh, India
Barsana or Varsana Town
Barsana is a town and a nagar panchayat in the Mathura district. Barsana is known for a fervent form of Holi known as the Lath-maar Holi. It takes the form of a procession coming down from Radharani temple. Men from Nand gaon impersonating Krishna, come to play Holi with the ladies of Barsana who play the role of Radha- Lord Krishna's Consort.

The Barsana temple is located on top of a hill which is a part of a small ridge composed of four hills. These hills are revered in the local legends as either the four heads of the god Brahma, or the three largest peaks as a form of trinity. Man Mandir is located atop another hill. The temples have a relatively recent construction and are dated to 18th century. The hill is verdant and is known as Ghevarvan.

Radha Kund
Gita Mandir
Sri Krishna janmabhoomi
Shyam Sundar Temple
Potara Kund
Kusuma Sarovar
Kans Qila
Dwarkadhish Temple

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