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Places to Visit in Reykjavik, Iceland
National Museum of Iceland
The National Museum of Iceland (p joominjasafn islands) was established on 24 February 1863, with Jon Arnason the first curator of the Icelandic collection, previously kept in Danish museums. The second curator, Sigurour Guomundsson, advocated the creation of an antiquarian collection, and the museum was called the Antiquarian Collection until 1911.Before settling at its present location, at Suourgata 41, 101 Reykjavik, in 1950, it was housed in various Reykjavik attics, finally for forty years in the attic of the National Library building on Hverfisgata (Safnahusio, now the Culture House, p joomenningarhusio).A key object in the permanent exhibition is the Valp jofsstaour door, a celebrated carving depicting a version of the LionKnight legend where a knight slays a dragon, thus freeing a lion that becomes his companion.

Golden Circle
Frikirkjan i Reykjavik
National Museum of Iceland
The Sun Voyager
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