precautions while using cng

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Safety measures

Precautions while using CNG

Compressed natural gas can be used in place of gasoline Diesel fuel and propane/LPG.
Safety measures

Always use approved CNG kit And cylinder. It is dangerous and illegal to use substandard cylinder and fittings. Do not install LPG, Propane or any other cylinder in place of a CNG cylinder. It is unsafe and unlawful. It is advisable to have insurance coverage of the CNG kit along with the vehicle accessories. Always, park the vehicle at least 6 meters away from sources of ignition fire. Always refer to the CNG kit suppliers manual for operating instructions and do not do trouble shooting yourself, other than that recommended by the manufacturer. Be aware of the location and operation of cylinder valve, master shut off valve and burst disc in the CNG system. Ask your mechanic to identify these parts for you. It would be helpful for emergency handling of any CNG leak.

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