precautions while using cng

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Shielding Tanks

Precautions while using CNG

Compressed natural gas can be used in place of gasoline Diesel fuel and propane/LPG.
Shielding Tanks

Tanks must be protected from road hazards, loading, unloading, direct sunlight, exhaust heat, accidental cargo leakage. Shield must not directly contact tank nor trap solid materials or liquids. Cylinders And valves must be shielded with minimum 9 inches road clearance when tires are deflated and cannot be located ahead of the front axle or behind the rear bumper attachment. Must be transversely mounted if behind rear axle.

In case of gas leakage from CNG kit
what is cng
Safe Distribution
Emergency Shut Down Procedure
A Safe Place to Vent
High Pressure Filter
Be very careful using a gas stove
Dont hang on pipes
Quality of Natural Gas
When Leakage is Detected
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