precautions while using centrifuge

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Precautions while using Centrifuge

these procedures for working with a centrifuge safely.

Centrifugation may present two serious hazards: mechanical failure and dispersion of aerosols. This fact sheet describes safety and maintenance procedures to minimize centrifuge hazards. If a centrifuge malfunctions while in operation, turn it off immediately and unplug. If tube breakage occurs, turn centrifuge off immediately. Leave for 30 minutes to reduce the risk of aerosols. The operator should wear proper gloves, remove debris, clean and disinfect centrifuge interior, rotors, safety cups or buckets following the manufacturer s instructions.

Centrifuge Maintenance
Safety in different case
Low speed centrifuges
Specific guidance
A laboratory centrifuge
The work surface must be level and firm
General precautions
High speed centrifuges
Inner safety lids
Centrifuging infectious materials or human samples
Glass centrifuge tubes
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