precautions while using facebook

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Review Your Privacy Settings

Precautions while using Facebook

Facebook is an online social networking service headquartered in Menlo Park, California.
Review Your Privacy Settings

Facebook tends to revise its site a lot and when that happens, it sometimes resets everyones default privacy sharing options. Facebook defaults tend to overshare your personal information, so if you havent looked at yourFacebook privacy settingsin a while, you really should review them. At the very least, make sure your default sharing option is set to Friends and not Public. And be sure to use the audience selector tool when you post material if you want tomake Facebook privateso viewing is restricted to only your friends.

Impersonation is rampant Beware
Privecy policies
Watch your status messages
Family and friends
Be sure to have virus software for your computer and keep it updated
Be suspicious
Reconsider hiring interns to do your social media
Be sure to watch what you place on your Wall
Choose Your Photos Wisely
Add only the people you know
Use your privacy settings
Trust your instincts
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