precautions while using laboratory thermometers

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Bimetallic stripthermometers

Precautions while using Laboratory Thermometers

The precautions to be observed while reading a laboratory thermometer.
Bimetallic stripthermometers

Bimetallic stripthermometers include two different metals that are bonded together and expand at different rates as they warm up. Since the two metals expand to different lengths, the bimetallic strip is forced to bend or curl towards the side with a lower coefficient of thermal expansion. The movement of the strip is used to deflect a pointer over a calibrated scale which then indicate temperature to the user. Often, long bimetallic strips are wound into a coil and used with a dial.

Bimetallic stripthermometers
Uses at home clinics and hospitals
Take a temperature with a digital thermometer
Points to kept in Mind while using a thermometer
Turn the thermometer on and make sure the reading is at zero
Alcohal thermometers
Read the directions
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