precautions while using social networking sites

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Security and Privacy

Precautions while using Social Networking Sites

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Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy, choose the option Do not allow anyone to tag me in photos. Check the Protect my Tweets box so only people you approve can see them. Similarly, uncheck the Add a location to my Tweets box. Also, click the Delete all location information button to erase geotags from past tweets. Additionally, uncheck the Discoverability box that lets people find you by your email address.

Remember that the internet is a public resource
Choose your social network carefully
Limit work history details on LinkedIn
Be wary of strangers
Use caution when clicking a link
Review a sites privacy policy
Keep software particularly your web browser up to date
To avoid being tracked
Customize privacy options
Avoid accidentally sharing personal details
Do not check in to different locations
Keep some things a secret
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