precautions while using touch screen mobile

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Touchscreen Accuracy

Precautions while using Touch Screen Mobile

Touch Screen Mobiles have revolutionalized usage of mobiles for cool applications and games.
Touchscreen Accuracy

Users must be able to accurately select targets on touchscreens, and avoid accidental selection of adjacent targets, to effectively use a touchscreen input device. The design of touchscreen interfaces must reflect both technical capabilities of the system,ergonomics,cognitive psychologyandhuman physiology. Guidelines for touchscreen designs were first developed in the 1990s, based on early research and actual use of older systems, so assume the use of contemporary sensing technology such as infrared grids. These types of touchscreens are highly dependent on the size of the users fingers, so their guidelines are less relevant for the bulk of modern devices, using capacitive or resistive touch technology.[29] [30] From the mid 2000s onward, makers of operating systems for smartphones have promulgated standards, but these vary between manufacturers, and allow for significant variation in size based on technology changes, so are unsuitable from a human factors perspective.

Snapshot of Features
Projected capacitance
User to interact directly
Phones come without a Stylus
Protect the LCD screen
Protect the touch screen
Touch screen is very delicate
Capacitive Sensing
Screen protectors
Difference between resistive and capacitve touchscreen
Resistive touchscreen devices
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