rainy day ideas

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Rainy Day Ideas

On rainy days it feels so much harder to entertain the children and stop them from getting bored and
Rainbow Xylophone
Rainy Day Songs
Marshmallow Toothpick House
Make Believe Boat
Baking Cookies
DIY Memory Game
Geometric Puzzles
Rainbow Sorting
Kisses Cards
Make a Terrarium
Color And Shape Sensory Bin
Library Day
Rain Cloud Science
Build a Fort
Rainbow Village
Pool Noodle Race Track
Origami Hopping Frog
Tea Party
Marshmallow Popper Game
Kool Aid Playdough
Button Golf
DIY Theatre
Drive In Movie
Car Track or Parking Deck
Walking Stilts
Indoor Car Track
Paper Plate Ring Toss
Play DJ
Dress up with Masks
Spring Window Painting
Make Puppets
Play Dough Mats
Homemade Puffy Paints
Food Art
No Mess Marble Painting
Foaming Stars
Modern Art
Button Bouquet
Dancing Ooblek
DIY Bath Paints
Art Using Rain
Spring Mural
Milk Paint
Dance in the Rain
Sidewalk Chalk Puddles
Homemade Rain Gauge
Wash Away Paint
Magic Puddles
Bottle Top Leaf Boats
Painting in Puddles
Splash Contest
Create Your Own Family Mission Statement
Story Time
Fashion Show
Make Your Own Board Games
Indoor Tent
Smores Night
Family Movie Marathon
Cook Together
Inside Treasure Hunt
Build Stuff
Spa Day
Play Card or Board Games
Jigsaw Puzzle
Jump on the Bed
Magnetic People
Grilled Cheese And Soup Bar
Family Pizza Night
Popcorn Bar
Taco Bar
Ice Cream Party
Waffle Bar
Fun Blue Family Dinner
Family Conversation Starters
Indoor Picnic
Chocolate Chip Cookie Boats
Movie Date Night
Last Minute Light Show
Video Game Night
Cuddle Kit for 2
Spa Date
Would You Rather Date Night
Sweet Home Alabama
Loveseat Lounge
Spouse Sleepover
Movie Marathon
Home Improvement Project
Pillow Fight
Lets Get Physical Date Night
Showering You With My Love
Love Shack
Shower Love Notes
Fondue Date Night
Card Games
Power Outage Date Night
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