rajiv gandhi

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Economic policy

Rajiv Gandhi

Rajiv Ratna Gandhi was the seventh Prime Minister of India.
Economic policy

He increased government support for science and technology and associated industries, and reduced import quotas, taxes and tariffs on technologybased industries, especially computers, airlines, defence and telecommunications. In 1986, he announced a National Policy on Education to modernise and expand higher education programs across India. He founded the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya System in 1986 which is a Central government based institution that concentrates on the upliftment of the rural section of the society providing them free residential education from 6th till 12 grade.His efforts created MTNL in 1986, and his public call offices, better known as PCOs, helped spread telephones in rural areas. He introduced measures significantly reducing the Licence Raj, in post1990 period, allowing businesses and individuals to purchase capital, consumer goods and import without bureaucratic restrictions.

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