rare flowers that are stunning to look at

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Kokia Cookei

Rare Flowers That Are Stunning To Look At

When spring is in full swing, there is no denying how beautiful the world looks.
Kokia Cookei

Kokia cookei is considered one of the rarest and most endangered plant species in the world. It was discovered in the 1860s on the western end of Molokai by Mr. Meyer. In 1970, a single plant of the species was discovered at his Molokai residence, probably a surviving relict of the previous cultivated plant. But in 1978, a fire destroyed the last remaining rooted plant of Kokia cookei. Fortunately, before it was destroyed, a branch was removed and later grafted onto a related species at the Waimea Arboretum. Currently, Kokia cookei exists as approximately twenty three grafted plants.

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