reasons to love the monsoon

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Rejuvenate your Body with Ayurvedic Massage

Reasons To Love The Monsoon

Rejuvenate your Body with Ayurvedic Massage

Do you know monsoon is the best time to receive Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala? The cool, moist, and dust free atmosphere during rainy season helps your bodys pores to breathe and thus makes it reactive to get herbal oils and therapy. Kerala is the home of Ayurveda, which is one of the oldest forms of traditional medicine in the world. It offers treatments in the form of yoga, meditation, diet, massage, and the application of oils. Many hotels and resorts across the state offer these treatments at discounted price as a part of Kerala monsoon offers.Take some time out and plan a quick visit to this emerald land and experience the finest ayurvedic therapies to rejuvenate yourself with herbal massages.

Rejuvenate your Body with Ayurvedic Massage
Sharing an umbrella
Low numbers
Discounts on High Prices during Monsoon
Goa in the rain
Act like a kid
Get a little closer
The smell
Light drizzles
Little children playing in the rain
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