round mehndi designs

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Round Mehndi Designs

1. Designs 1
A rather beautiful and simple round mehndi designs option suitable for any special occasion. This design is a great way to decorate and add beauty to your hands. You can find fine, intricate detailing in both the designs for your palm and fingers. The intricate, round patter on the palm as well as the fine detailing on the fingers makse this a really beautiful mehndi design option for festive occasions as well as for any blushing bride. The use of black mehndi makes the details more prominent.
2. Designs 2
This design too looks beautiful with a central, round design on the palm and floral pattern on the lower part of the palm. The central, round design is surrounded by floral motifs which extend till the wrist and beyond. The patterns on the fingers have floral motifs.
3. Designs 3
This simple yet interesting mehndi gives the round mehandi design a new modern twist. The design is a dense, intricate pattern and looks beautiful with blue glitter used to highlight the central flower motif. The detailing is very refined and not cluttered, making the design quite elegant. The use of black mehndi surely helps to bring out the design.
4. Designs 4
This feet mehndi design looks quite apt for the blushing bride. The round shape on top of the feet and small detailing on the toes makes your feet look resplendent. The central, floral design is encircled with another round design. Small detailing work around the circles makes it a very pretty design. The toes are decorated with small floral patterns which looks great.
5. Designs 5
This beautiful hand mehndi design is perfect for any occasion, be it a family function or wedding. The central, small round motif is surrounded by small half circular motifs with fine detailing. The weave patterns on the finger looks beautiful.
6. Designs 6
This beautiful mehndi is done using a red mehndi color. The main central design is in a circular pattern with an inner circle filled with red color. The simplicity of the design makes it easy for beginners to try out. The tips are filled with color and minimal designs are drawn on the fingers.
7. Designs 7
A very intricate yet rich design is shown here. The central design is quite large and covers a good amount of space on the palm. The fingers are decorated with fine patterns followed by small dots. This simple yet elegant mehndi design is perfectly apt for new brides.
8. Designs 8
A small floral, round mehndi design for the hands. The central round design is done using floral motifs and the fingers are also decorated with floral, weave and lace like patterns. The mehndi used here is orange mehndi.
9. Designs 9
Another great combination of red and black mehndi, this design is apt for any contemporary mehndi lover. The outline is done with black mehndi and the patterns are filled with red mehndi.
10. Designs 10
This unique, round mehndi design features a detailed central design followed by a small chain like intricate pattern. The ring finger is highlighted with a small design and rest of the fingers are left untouched. This is an ideal mehndi design for the Sagai ceremony. . or the engagement ceremony.

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