rules for play xmas games

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Rules For Play Xmas Games

These rules are provided free of charge to promote the play of traditional Xmas game playing.
11. How the game ends
So when does the game end? Using the 10 player game in our example, when it gets down to player 10 there will be one wrapped gift left in the center of the room or on the table. Player #10 has the same two choices that everyone else did (except for player #1). Player #10 can take the last unopened gift on the table, show it around, model it, read it or demo it etc. Or, player 10 can take another participants unwrapped gift (except retired gifts).
12. Common sense rules
If the gift is a food or drink, it absolutely should not be unpackaged until the game is over and it has been exchanged for the last time.All gifts must stay in the room and all gifts must remain in sight for all players to view until the game ends in order to help each participant determine how they will play their turn out. It goes without saying that retired gifts are the exception to this rule.Each participant needs to keep it uppermost in their mind that, no matter what gift it is they may be holding at the moment, it isnt their gift unless it has been retired, or until the last gift has been exchanged.
13. One last thought
I have heard from other people who host Dirty Santa parties that some folks complain about the first player only having one choice. If the gift that the first player opens is a dud (meaning nobody else wants it), the first player is out of the game before the fun really gets started. But what folks dont seem to realize is that this can happen to any player who opens a wrapped gift and finds that it is a dud. That player is also out of the game as to possible further participation.

As a result of this pity for the first player, a whole bunch of special rules (swaps at the end of the game, extra gifts added to the pile at the start or end of the game) have been suggested. This gets too complicated, involved and has its own set of problems, misunderstandings, hard feelings and surprises.

The first person has the pick of the litter of all the gifts. No other player has this advantage. In all the times we have played Dirty Santa at our annual holiday party we have never had the first player feel cheated. Any player could select a dud gift whether they are the first or last player. This is the reason the gifts should be well thought out. They need to have broad appeal to most people and be something worth stealing.

14. A great time to play is
when the Christmas chaos is too much and you both need some serenity. Chill out, think hard.A little like Hive, Tantrix is a strategy game that uses painted bakelite hexagon pieces. Unlike Hive, there are no bugs just a never ending, loop de looping roller coaster of coloured lines that YOU yes, YOU must use to make the longest line of your chosen colour! Its easy, you think. I played 30 minutes of RollerCoaster Tycoon on the computer once. Itll be a doddle. While your experience is admirable, remember that other players can block you and change your line when you least expect it! Then theres Gobble, another variation of play. Split the tiles between you and fire your engines its a race to see who can play all of their tiles first! And if you werent overwhelmed enough, theres another 34 puzzles for you to wrap your heads around! Guaranteed to fill a rainy December afternoon. And the day after that. And possibly the day after that.
15. Object
To recover the most presents from the Grinch.
16. Contents
20 Presents
Game Board
Spinner with Spinner Arrow
4 playing pieces and matching stands
17. Set up
Before playing for the first time, fold the flat presents into three dimenional boxes. Squeeze the sides of the presents gently to make them stand up, then tuck both flaps into the ends.
Punch out the spinner card. From the back side of the spinner card (the side with the picture of the Grinch), push the circular base through the hole. From the front of the spinner card, snap the arrow into the base. For safety, make sure that an adult assembles the spinner securely, and that it remains assembled.
Punch out the playing pieces. Each player chooses a playing piece, puts it into the stand that matches its color, and places it at Start.
Place the presents in the center of the game board atop the picture of the Grinchs sleigh. Place the presents so that the side with the bow is on top.
18. Playing the Game
The youngest Player goes first. Players take turns spinning the spinner and moving the number of spaces shown. Players move in a clockwise direction along the track on the game board. Players may not reverse direction and move back along the path. When a player reaches a junction on the board, he chooses which path to take. When a players turn is over, the player on her left goes next.There are three types of spaces on the board: Letter Spaces, Grinch Spaces, and Cindy Lou Who Spaces.
19. Landing on a letter space
When a player ends her move on a Letter Space, she picks up a present from the center of the board and looks at the toy on the bottom. If the letter on the space that he occupies appears in the toys name, she keeps that present. If the letter does not appear, she announces the name of the toy, shows it to the other players and, and returns it to the board (with the bow facing up).
20. Landing on a grinch space
When a player ends her move on a Grinch Space, she must return a toy to the board. The player announces the name of the toy, shows it to the other players, and returns it to the board (with the bow facing up).

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