rules for play xmas games

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Rules For Play Xmas Games

These rules are provided free of charge to promote the play of traditional Xmas game playing.
21. Landing on a cindy lou who space
When a player ends her move on a Cindy Lou Who Space, she may take any present from the board and keep it.
22. Winning the game
When the first player reaches Finish, the game is over. Players count the number of presents theyve collected; the player with the most presents wins.
23. Stopping the grinch
If the players, as a group, have collected 10 or more presents when the first player reaches Finish, theyve stopped the Grinch and helped the Whos have an even merrier Christmas (remember, Christmas doesnt come from a store in the true spirit of Christmas, the Whos will have a day of song and rejoicing, with or without presents!) All players should stand up, hold hands and sing a rousing chorus of Welcome Christmas, Ba hoo Bo ray.
24. A special present
While inventing and developing this game, we came up with two different ways to play the game. As a special present, weve included the rules for the second version below. To play this version, replace Object and Winning the Game with the following:
25. Returning Presents to the Whos
Once a player has recovered three presents from the Grinch, he can return presents to the Whos. On the turn that he collects his third present, a player turns his presents so that the toys are facing up (this will help the players remember whether they are collecting presents from the Grinch or returning them to the Whos.) Once a player turns his toys face up, he may no longer collect presents from the Grinch when he lands on a Letter Space.

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