rules to play kite flying

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Music and Kite Flying

Rules to play Kite Flying

Music and Kite Flying

Dont be afraid to try something new. The only thing besides the kite I make my class bring with them is music. Be it a CD player, AM FM radio, a boom box, or MP3 My personal choice, you need music! Whether your music is soothing or really rocks you, it doesnt matter. Music creates a rhythmic beat. When your whole body reacts to the rhythm you wont crash your kite as often as those who fly without music. Now pretend you are putting on a show for your family and friends. Use big movements and Paint the Sky! Im Lovin it. Come on, lets go fly a kite.

Choose a Safe Location
Find a buddy
Pay attention to the wind direction
Avoid flying a kite near public roads
Music and Kite Flying
Signal to your buddy to release the kite
If the kite sinks tail first
Pick your kite
Light wind
Kite fighting rule
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