rules to play push scooters

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Rules to play Push Scooters

21. Carrying a load on a bicycle
You can carry a load on your bicycle. If you choose to carry a load, you must attach the load to your bicycle in a way that does not make the bicycle unstable make sure the load is unlikely to fall from the bicycle.
22. Riding in a bicycle lane on a road
You can choose whether or not you wish to use a bicycle lane where one is provided.

Never ride in a bicycle lane on the wrong side of the road travelling towards oncoming traffic.

23. Riding on the road shoulder
You can ride on the road shoulder, across a continuous white edge line on a bicycle. However, you must give way to vehicles on the road when moving back onto the road across the continuous white edge line.
24. Special purpose lanes
A special purpose lane is a marked lane, or part of a marked lane, including
bicycle lanes
bus lanes
tram lanes
transit lanes.
You can ride your bicycle in these special purpose lanes.
Most of the Gold Coast tram system operates on a tramway. A tramway is not a tram lane, or any kind of special purpose lane. Bicycle riders must not travel along the road in a tramway.
25. Riding across a road at a crossing
Crossings include

pedestrian crossings zebra crossings
childrens crossings.
signalised pedestrian crossing.
You can ride across pedestrian crossings situated at traffic lights if you.
proceed slowly and safely.
give way to any pedestrian on the crossing.
keep to the left of any oncoming bicycle rider.
You can ride across a zebra crossing or childrens crossing as long as you come to a complete stop first, and then.
proceed slowly and safely.
give way to any pedestrian on the crossing.
keep to the left of any oncoming cyclists.

26. Riding on a separated path
On a separated path, you can only ride on the side that is for cyclists. The other side is for pedestrians. The separated path sign will show you which side of the path you must ride on. You must always ride to the left of bicycle riders coming toward you.
27. Bicycle crossing lights
At bicycle crossing lights, you must
stop before entering the crossing if the light is red
only cross when the light is green.
if the lights change to yellow or red while you are still in the crossing, cross using the safest, most direct route.
28. Bicycle storage areas
A bicycle storage area is a section of the road, close to an intersection with traffic lights, where you can wait for the traffic lights to change in front of the stopped motor vehicles. They are usually painted green with white bicycle symbols. Cyclists are allowed to cross the first stop line to enter the bicycle storage area but must stop at the second stop line at a red traffic light. Motor vehicles must stop at the first stop line.
29. Hook turns
Hook turn storage box A hook turn storage box is an area marked on the road within an intersection. It shows you where to go if you are performing a hook turn.

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