spookiest abandoned places

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Bannerman Castle Pollepel Island New York

Spookiest Abandoned Places

See the spookiest abandoned places on earth. You'll be amazed these places even exist.
Bannerman Castle Pollepel Island New York

Originally built by a wealthy aristocrat to store surplus ammunition after Americas war with Spain, the ammunition exploded and the place has been abandoned ever since.

Pripyat Ukraine
Gullivers Travels Park Kawaguchi Japan
Mirny Diamond Mine Eastern Siberia Russia
Kolmanskop Namibia
Six Flags Jazzland New Orleans Louisiana
Dadipark Dadizel Belgium
Eastern State Penitentiary Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Michigan Central Station Detroit Michigan
Canfranc Rail Station Spain
Eilean Donan Loch Duich Scotland
Red Sands Sea Forts Sealand United Kingdom
Wonderland Amusement Park Beijing China
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