spookiest abandoned places

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Pripyat Ukraine

Spookiest Abandoned Places

See the spookiest abandoned places on earth. You'll be amazed these places even exist.
Pripyat Ukraine

After the Chernobyl Reactor meltdown the city was abandoned due to nuclear fallout and it will probably remain abandoned for quite some time to come.

Mirny Diamond Mine Eastern Siberia Russia
Bannerman Castle Pollepel Island New York
Willard Asylum Willard New York
An Abandoned Mill Sorrento Italy
Six Flags Jazzland New Orleans Louisiana
Hashima Island Japan
The Overgrown Portions of the Great Wall China
Canfranc Rail Station Spain
Wonderland Amusement Park Beijing China
Kolmanskop Namibia
Chateau Miranda Celles Belgium
Eastern State Penitentiary Philadelphia Pennsylvania
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