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Rule - How to Play
Teeing ground
1.A player making their first stroke must do so from within the teeing ground, and may use an approved tee. The player may stand outside the teeing ground to play a ball within it.
2.Tee markers (indicating the furthest-forward allowable line to place the ball when teeing off) are considered a fixed part of the course during a players tee shot and may not be moved for any reason. After a players tee shot, a tee marker is an obstruction and relief may be taken according to Rule .
3.A ball that falls off the tee when a stroke is not being made at it may be re-teed without penalty. A ball that falls off the tee when a stroke is made at it counts as a stroke, and the ball must be played as it lies.
4.Teeing off from outside the teeing ground is not a penalty in match play, but the opponent may require the stroke be cancelled and replayed from within the teeing ground. Teeing off from outside the teeing ground is a two-stroke penalty in stroke play and a ball must then be played from the teeing area. The stroke made from outside the teeing area and subsequent strokes made at that ball do not count.
5.Teeing off from the wrong teeing ground (i.e. the blue tee when the white tee is supposed to be used) is equivalent in all respects to teeing off from outside the teeing ground

  • Ball assisting or interfering with play
  • Clubs
  • Order of play
  • Abnormal ground conditions and wrong green
  • Water hazards
  • Ball unplayable
  • Ball played as it lies
  • Information as to strokes taken

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