Rule - How to Play
Anti or Anti Raider
Every player in whose court the raid is being made shall be called Anti or Anti Raider.

  • Loosing the Cant
  • Court
  • To reach court safely
  • Ground
  • About Kabaddi
  • League System
  • Struggle
  • Cant

  • Test your English Language
  • Comics of the Day
  • Class 9 - Pronoun
  • Way To Wakeup
  • Most Photogenic, breathtaking places in world
  • Varanasi
  • Manila
  • Chinese Embroidery
  • Coolest New Businesses In America
  • Myth about Alcohol
  • Loan Balance Calculator
  • Precautions while using Computer and Laptops
  • Class 8 - Pollution of Air And Water
  • Exam Tips
  • Most Extraordinary Churches Of The World
  • Healthy and Delicious Summer Snacks
  • Best Cricketer
  • Biggest Male Models of All Time
  • Valentines Day Crafts
  • Absolutely Stunning 3D Paintings
  • Tips to get ready for New Year
  • Precautions while using Touch Screen Mobile
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