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Check information about the mountain destination including routes and weather
It is important to collect enough information about your destination to in advance. Choose a suitable mountain while considering personal experience and physical capability. Check whether the route is blocked or not. Be aware of the time required to walk the trail, water availability and any dangerous areas. Plan a mountaineering schedule. In order to predict any weather change, you need to check the weather for the day of your trip and also the preceding day. A portable radio is recommended for an immediate response to unpredicted weather conditions.

  • Adjust your pace to the slowest person
  • Use designated routes only
  • Keep bags light and hands free
  • Bring appropriate clothes and equipment
  • Keep a map and check your location frequently
  • Conserve thirty percent of your body energy and avoid mountaineering longer than eight hours
  • Eat sparingly but frequently
  • Start early in the morning and finish one or two hours before sunset

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