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Rule - How to Play
Fair and unfair play
Rule 42 of theRulesof the sport of cricket covers fair and unfair play. This law has developed and expanded over time as various incidents of real life unfair play have been legislated against.The first section of law 42 makes clear that the captains of the two teams have the responsibility for ensuring that play is conducted according to the spirit and traditions of the game, as well as within its Laws. This leads to a statement that the umpires are the sole judges of fair and unfair play. It contains an override of the laws of cricket: if either umpire considers an action that is not covered by the laws to be unfair, he can intervene and call the ball dead.

  • Batsman out of his ground
  • Appeals If the fielders believe a batsman is out
  • Preparation and maintenance of the playing area
  • Stumped
  • Declaration and forfeiture
  • Innings
  • The pitch
  • Covering the pitch

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