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Rule - How to Play
Before the game, the teams agree whether it is to be over one or two innings, and whether either or both innings are to be limited by time or by overs. In practice, these decisions are likely to be laid down by Competition Regulations, rather than pre-game agreement. In two-innings games, the sides bat alternately unless the follow-on (law 13) is enforced. An innings is closed once all batsmen are dismissed, no further batsmen are fit to play, the innings is declared or forfeited by the batting captain, or any agreed time or over limit is reached. The captain winning the toss of a coin decides whether to bat or to bowl first.

  • Appeals If the fielders believe a batsman is out
  • Handled the ball
  • Stumped
  • Dead ball
  • Timed out
  • Run out
  • Lost ball
  • Obstructing the field

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