start the new year fresh

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Look over your New Years Resolution list

Start the New Year Fresh

How to Start the New Year Fresh. When the holiday season comes to an end
Look over your New Years Resolution list

Write the list out on a planner, chart or calendar where you can make notes. In order to get your resolutions underway, it's probable that you'll need to do some planning and organizing, and perhaps even some purchasing. It helps your focus to make notes and lists to direct your efforts in starting new habits.Is there any gear, equipment, food, clothing, etc. needed to start your new fitness/eating/exercise regime? Or perhaps you need new hobby or craft materials or new sports gear. Write down the needed items so that you can work out whether you already have what's needed or need to buy, beg, borrow or freecycle it.Do you need to book memberships, travel, subscriptions or any other service to aid the resolution? If so, write this down too.Write down anything else of relevance, alongside those resolutions.In some cases, breaking down the goals into short term and long term milestones is necessary to ensure you don't flag in your willpower. Write down any milestones you think will work for you.

Clean out your cupboards and fridge
Change out your ringtone alarm screen saver
Update your resume
Reflect over the past year
Organize your email photos online profiles
Look at your goal every day
Switch up your surroundings
Get rid of the clothes you dont love and dont wear
Clean out your bathroom cabinet
Clean your work or study space
Spend 15 minutes thinking about your finances
Put away the holiday decorations in a timely manner
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