start the new year fresh

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Organize your email photos online profiles

Start the New Year Fresh

How to Start the New Year Fresh. When the holiday season comes to an end
Organize your email photos online profiles

Do you have email folders? Dude, you need to. Even if those folders just consist of friends, work, misc. important and funny pictures of cats I promise you will feel so clean and smug when your inbox is not 254 emails deep with spam and emails about Christmas presents.Spend a bit of time organizing your various online haunts. Maybe weed out a few Facebook friends, adjust your privacy settings, delete your Vine account, print out your favorite Instagram photos. Again, youll feel all clean and smug, I promise.

Switch up your surroundings
Reflect over the past year
Spend 15 minutes thinking about your finances
Change up your fitness routine
Look at your goal every day
Try a new scent
Relax more
Look over your New Years Resolution list
Try something new with your appearance
Clean out your bathroom cabinet
Put away the holiday decorations in a timely manner
Clean your work or study space
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