step to finding your perfect man

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Step to finding your perfect man

Every woman dreams of finding that perfect man.
1. Know Yourself
Finding your perfect man requires knowing what you want. Before you can marry your soulmate, you have to be able to recognize him. Write down the qualities that you need in a man, that you would like him to have, and that would be definite deal breakers. Just dont treat the list as law. A guy doesnt have to cross off every single item on your checklist. Its just a way to narrow down your options.
2. Look around
You might have met your soulmate without realizing it. Before you go on the lookout for him, see if hes someone you already know. Your best guy friend, your neighbor, or your co-worker are all potential mates. Mr. Right couldve been right there the whole time. Ask yourself if the men surrounding you are just buddies, or if they could be more.
3. Chat Away
You cant marry him if youre too terrified to talk to him. You need to channel your bravery and start chatting. When you get too embarrassed, all you have to do is walk away. If youre too shy to start up a conversation, at least look approachable. Take out your earbuds and stop crossing your arms. You want to look inviting.
4. Get Out There
Take a look at your list and see if your desired qualities revolve around the same topic. If you want a man who is creative, passionate, and musically talented, go to local concerts. If you want someone who is athletic, muscular, and energetic, make a stop at the gym. Youll meet plenty of people with the traits that youre looking for. All you have to do is go to the places where your dream man would go. Its that simple.
5. Serial Date
Dont turn down too many dates. Even if he doesnt fit your list, you should give him at least one chance. Theres no harm in it. Youd be surprised at how drastically your opinion of someone can change after one dinner. He might even make you change your list completely.
6. Ask around
Blind dates dont always end horribly. Some of your friends know you better than you know yourself. If they claim that their cousin in the perfect fit for you, it might be true. Some people are born matchmakers. It doesnt hurt to give him a chance. You could end up falling madly in love.
7. Dont Waste
If you know that a guy isnt right for you, dont date him. If youre both looking for a little fun, you can have a fling. However, if youre looking for a lifelong commitment, theres no need to waste time. If youre with the wrong guy, you could miss your chance with the right guy. You want to be single when he comes along. Itll make life much easier.
8. Change the rules
Commit to a schedule of actions based on your new rules, and report to a trusted friend each time you triumph over old patterns even if its minor.
9. Stop being a negative nancy
Before you leave the house, stand before the mirror, look yourself in the eye and tell yourself you will find someone who inspires, excites and challenges you.
10. Work your body
Make a habit of checking in with your body and tone of voice during different interactions, to become attuned to your automatic setting, and consciously work to change any negative settings.

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