stunts mania

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Stunts Mania

Stunt Mania. Perform enough stunts within the given time to unlock the next level

The basis for the stunt is for the base to lift the flyer onto their palm, which they then extend upwards into a Liberty position. To enter into this stunt, the base must use proper toss technique which is popping the flyer in the air follow through leaving the right arm extended while dropping your left arm to your chest. The top person s hips should be a couple of inches above your extended arms at the end of your toss. If the top s hips are any lower, you will catch the flyer with your arm bent and be forced to press the chair up. While the flyer is lowering down, spot for their seat and grab the left ankle for balance. Make sure to keep the right arm overhead pressed against your ear, for stability, and locked out you also want to keep the flyer left leg in close to the body to help balance the stunt. When you catch the chair, absorb with your legs (not your arm) to take the pressure off of the landing. As a flyer, jump slightly back over your base, bend your right leg, and assume a chair position. In the chair, your right leg should be resting on the base s right forearm, your shoulders are directly over your hips, and your left leg should be positioned slightly in front of your hip. 5 The flyer stunts with her arms and free leg, usually by putting her foot in a 90 degree angle making a liberty pose and her arms in a high V position.

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