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Evel Knievel Jumps the Fountains at Caesar Palace

Stunts Mania

Stunt Mania. Perform enough stunts within the given time to unlock the next level
Evel Knievel Jumps the Fountains at Caesar Palace

Things have come a long way since Evel Knievel s heyday, but that does not mean his career was any less spellbinding. Sure, guys have jumped much further since he did, but Evel was the one who made it cool. The sheer fact that he did his stunts on a Harley Davidson which was clearly not designed for launching over dozens of cars (as the sheer lack of suspension travel indicated) meant that, for Evel Knievel, there was never going to be a pleasant landing, successful or not. He just did not care.Evel career started to really take off toward the late 1960s an idealera as America newfound obsession with motorsport and spectacle were coming into full swing. Combined with Evel s keen sense of showmanship and sincerely badass attitude, it is not hard to see why he became the icon of motorcycle stuntmen for decades to come.

Fender Grab
Evel Knievel Jumps the Fountains at Caesar Palace
Toe touch basket
Insane Urban Biking Stunts
Additional hands off spotter
Prep or Extension Prep
Main base
Secondary base
Cupie or Platform
Shoulder stand
The Cossack Drag or Death Drag
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