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Motorcycle Jumps

Stunts Mania

Stunt Mania. Perform enough stunts within the given time to unlock the next level
Motorcycle Jumps

Now it basically impossible to create an argument as to whether or not this is the finest compilation of street bike tricks, but I will say it is the most inventive I have seen I have yet to find another video where guys rode on the arches of a suspension bridge. Insanity.I did love to give credit where credit is due, but stunt riding like this is often unsanctioned and therefore less than legal, so it is not surprising that details about street bike stunt riders is often scarce. Nonetheless, some impressive stuff.

Additional hands off spotter
Shoulder stand
Prep or Extension Prep
Toe touch basket
Main base
Back Spot
Motorcycle Jumps
Evel Knievel Jumps the Fountains at Caesar Palace
Secondary base
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